Receive verification code for mobile phone number

To make certain that you are the legitimate owner of the mobile phone number entered during the registration process, we will send you a text message containing a verification code.


Your mobile phone number will only be used during the password recovery process or to contact you for reasons of account security.

To verify your identity as the owner of the saved mobile phone number, we will send you a text message with a 6-digit code. Please use this code to complete the verification process.
  1. In the Verify your identity window, click Request code.

    If you notice that the first and last digits displayed do not match your mobile phone number, please contact our customer service. For contact information, please see our contact page.

  2. Next, check your phone for the text message with the verification code and enter the six-digit number you receive.

    Make sure that your mobile phone is switched on and is not in airplane mode, that the SIM card is unlocked, and you have cellular network coverage. If you still have not received a text message, please click Resend code to repeat the sending process.

    Screenshot: Enter the six-digit number and confirm

    Click Confirm code to confirm your entry.
Once we have verified your identity, you will automatically be redirected to your inbox.

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